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The Oxygen Cell Is Dead, Long Live The Oxygen Cell!
The invention of the new optical cell and digital communication with the brand new Dive Computer M28 is a game changer. The good news is that you never have to buy new oxygen cells or care for the best-before-date. You don´t even have to calibrate them, nor services them. The best part: You can fit it on ANY REBREATHER, where you want to monitor your PO2.


Xstream Black Kit
With the Xstream Black Kit you get:
• First Stage Black
• Second Stage Black, with Black hose
• Octopus, with Black hose
• Poseidon Manometer

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Poseidon M28 Screen Protection
Protect your M28 with Screen Protection film.
Easy to mount on the screen.

2 pieces Protection film + Clean cloth.

Poseidon M28 Firmware Release Version 2.1
Based on end user feedback and comments we are now releasing the first M28 firmware update, that contain the following changes/additions:

Sleep mode, Auto power off - user selectable, Charging with smaller chargers, Startup in last dive mode, Dive start / stop adjusted, Active dive indicator, Dive log - more info.

To download the release and see the full details of the firmware update, visit SUPPORT/SE7EN/

Here is a how-to video: CLICK HERE!‍‍‍‍‍‍

Poseidon M28 Protective Cover
Protect your M28 with Protective Cover.
Made in silicone rubber quality.