Poseidon makes it easy to keep up with your display. With our gauntlet, it’s securely placed on top of your hand. The gauntlet also protects your display from being scratched or damaged. With a special type of Velcro, Octopus Velcro, the display will stick even harder to your hand once in contact with the water.

Color: Black

Sizes: Small and Large

Material: Ballistic Nylon 1680, YKK Waterproof Zipper, Octopus Velcro.




Oxygen sensors are made for the Poseidon rebreathers.
Oxygen sensors are consumables and should be changed when your Poseidon rebreather has a hard time reading the correct 02 levels in your loop or they have been in use for over 1 year.

You may need to change your O2 sensors if the following occurs:

Recurrent C1 alarms when diving
Hyperoxic linearity test failure
Recurrent T53 failure


No need to pack scrubber yourself with pre-packed SofnoDive 797.
SofnoDive® 797 eliminates the need for the user to come into contact with the absorber material (Sofnolime®) and provides a guaranteed performance. Each package holds 2 containers of scrubber. Each container provides 3 hours of CE approved dive time.SofnoDive 797, made by Molecular Products, is the only scrubber that Poseidon Diving Systems AB has approved to be used with Poseidon’s rebreathers.

Material: Each unit is filled with Sofnolime® 797 dive grade soda lime.

Technical Feature:
• Easy to install
• 3 hour dive time (CE)
• 2 year shelf time
• Disposable, 2.7 kg.

Tested: Each canister has been tested for a duration of 180 minutes at 40 m/131 ft, water temperature of 4°C / 39,2°F, and a breathing rate of 40 lpm producing 1.6 liters CO2 per minute at STPD (Standard Temperature & Pressure,Dry in accordance with EN14143)


Used on your Poseidon Rebreather for an easier assembly and disassembly.
The Quick Mount/Release adapter will make it easier for you to connect and disconnect your BCD/Wing to Poseidon rebreathers.

The QMR uses the standard 11-inch system.

It's the best way to connect a Poseidon rebreather to your BCD.

QMR - Quick Mount Release

Get your Poseidon rebreather canister in place without straps.
If you don’t frequently assemble and disassemble your BCD or Wing from your Poseidon rebreather, this is a great option. The 11-inch adapter is Poseidon’s low-cost solution.

The 11-Inch Adaptor can be used together with the following buoyancy control devices.

Rebreather BCD
Rebreather Wing & Backplate
One Wing & One Harness


Attach your diluent and oxygen tanks with ease when you use Poseidon’s stylish Tank Strap and Buckle.
Classy Poseidon logo is engraved on the front of the stainless steel buckles.

Color: Black

Material: Stainless Steel


These hoses will make it possible for you to customize the lengths of the hoses to fit you better. The standard length sold with the Poseidon MKVI is 346 mm.

Standard CC hose = 346 mm (13.62 inch) 0132-003
Shorter CC hose = 286 mm (11.26 inch) 0132-004
Longer CC hose = 396 mm (15.59 inch)


If you would like to use a third cell during your dives to monitor the loop you will now be able to chose the Poseidon’s Third Cell Holder.
The holder has the same type of threading as the rest of the loop so you may place it where ever you like. Our recomendation is to place it either on top of the canister housing on the inhalation side or by the T-valve on the inhalation side.

The oxygen cell brand and the stand-alone computer connected to your cell is up to you to decide.


Trim your weight to perfection!
If you need to adjust your trim by adding some extra weight to the tanks on your back, these trim weight pockets are for you. They will let you add 2 kg/4 lbs to each pocket.


Our Protection Handle is popular because it protects your e-module from getting damaged while also making your Poseidon MKVI easier to carry.


For technical rebreather divers who want to invert their gas cylinders.
If you wish to advance into technical rebreather diving, many dive organizations demand that you have an inversion kit for your cylinders allowing you to turn valves on and off manually on your rebreather. Poseidon has therefore developed our own Inversion Kit with Poseidon quality. All hoses are made out of Miflex Polyurethane, which are robust and durable. The splitter has 1 inlet and 4 outlets, where one of the outlets has a plug if you don’t have to use it.

If you want to use the Inversion Kit, it is a good idea to have cylinder valves that have 90 degree angles so you can access them easily by hand.

Content of the inversion kit
• LP Diluent Miflex Polyurethane Hose, 300 mm/11,81 inch
• LP Diluent Miflex Polyurethane Hose, 380 mm/14,96 inch
• HP Diluent Miflex Polyurethane Hose, 300 mm/11,81 inch
• Splitter with 1 inlet and 4 outlets (with one plug)
• LP Oxygen Miflex Polyurethane Hose, 700 mm/27,56 inch
• HP Oxygen Miflex Polyurethane Hose, 300 mm/11,81 inch + packing


Poseidon approved Gigacept is disinfection liquid for the Poseidon rebreathers.
Post-dive procedures for the Poseidon rebreathers include disinfecting the unit.
For this purpose, Poseidon recommends Gigasept.


You use it to carry your SE7EN rebreather and it´s also a protection bar. Works fine with both the QMR and the 11-inch adapter.