Almost as important as buying the best dive products is the support you get from the manufacturer: after sales service, upgrades and updates, and simple things such as answering questions promptly and discussing improvements.

Dive gear manufacturers don’t always shine at customer service. But Poseidon works hard to make sure you’re happy with what you’ve bought, and that any questions or issues are addressed without delay.

In this section you will find manuals and downloads, the answers to common questions, clever ways to identify spare parts and much, much more. Don’t forget to send us a note if we’ve missed something.

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Q: I have noticed a loud whistling noise coming from the 1st stage on my Xstream regulator, when breathing in it. What is causing this and is it dangerous?

A: A whistling noise can sometimes be heard when the Xstream first stage is pressurized or depressurized. This is due to a resonance frequency which takes place between the ball bearing and the actuating pin. This noise should however not be detectable during low flow rates such as while breathing.
The noise has absolutely no effect on the regulator functionality.

In most cases, the noise can be removed by turning the actuating pin a quarter turn. Contact your nearest Poseidon servicecenter and they can help you with this.

Q: How long is the warranty period on a new Poseidon regulator?

A: When you buy a new Poseidon regulator, it comes with a 24 month warranty. This warranty can be extended with our Life Time Warranty program.
You can read more about the terms of our Life Time Warranty program under the Register section of this page.

Other products, except those that are regarded as consumables, comes with a 24 month factory warrant.

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