The next generation rebreather

Poseidon SE7EN+, a rebreather simple enough for a beginner to master, at the same time advanced enough to take
a technical diver on a 100 m+ dive with unparalleled safety. Now with the digital Solid State Oxygen Sensor.
Experience diving as it was meant to be and get closer than ever to the silent world and all it's wonders.

High performance regulators

Poseidon Xstream, Jetstream and Cyklon - Trusted icons proudly showing our heritage since 1958.Now the new Cyklon X will combine the legendary durability of the Cyklon 2nd stage with our patented Xstream 1st stage. Regardless of if you are diving the shallow tropical coral reefs or below the ice in Antarctica you can trust them to always deliver what you need. Our regulators have supported US Navy and Deutsche Bundeswehr for years, and they want the best they can get.

Highest quality dive gear

Origo BCD, Triton fins, OneWing and OneHarness, our Black, Red and White Line series. A few examples of dive gear that just lasts and lasts. Regardless of what you need you can be sure that we have designed it with innovation, quality and safety at the top of our minds. Dive Poseidon and Dive like a Pro. That is our promise.

Technology like no other

Poseidon M28 Dive Computer and Solid State Oxygen Sensor. Our latest products are taking the next step in their domains. The M28 is built on a new platform and the innovative user interface is just the surface that you see. With the M28 together with the digital oxygen sensor technology any rebreather diver can benefit from our investments. All with the aim of bringing higher convenience and more safety to the rebreather community.

Wear Poseidon

OneShoe, t-shirts, bags, and now Aquadive and our watches are back. Our collection of clothes and accessories are just like everything else we do. Uncompromising in design as well as quality. Show that you dive like a pro!



Poseidon SE7EN+

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Xstream Colors

The Poseidon Xstream can now be customized to your taste start with a black, grey or white housing and your favorite color cover. Configure your own online and we will build it and ship it to you for free.
The legendary performance is the same regardless of color.

Many of our dealers are closed, but you can buy our products here online and get fast delivery directly to your home. If you need help finding the right product, have a question on your order, or need support, call +46 734 29 00 or send an email to or