The inside of the harness consists of a polymer weave laminated on Lycra. VentoMeshTM is durable and dries quickly without being harsh on your skin or dive suit.

A hybrid between a soft and a hard back plate. The weight is absorbed by the lumbar support and is evenly distributed around the hips.  

Besea can be adjusted to fit any diver. The vest can be adjusted for width and height. Ergonomic details such as shoulder straps, lumbar support and HybroBackTM will allow for a perfect fit.

The length of the vest can be adjusted from XXS to XXL. No tools are necessary to adjust the length.

Automatic adjustment of the pocket size means that it is never bigger than it must to be.

TwistLock attachment system
Used to attach utility pockets and other accessories to Besea. The pockets can easily be taken on and off to make it easier reach the contents.

EasyGripTM handles
Easy to use, even while wearing thick gloves.

Shoulder strap
S-shaped for perfect fit. Layered design with flexible attachment points.
The tanks are attached directly to the back frame for improved stability.

Q.M.R.-system (accessory)
Used to attach single or double tanks. The tanks are always hooked up the same way. The tanks can easily be attached and detached even while the vest is on the diver.

A long flexible band is attached to the outside of the bladder. When it is not inflated it will fold into the space between the tank and back plate. The band can be pulled out to allow the blad- der to fully inflate. No details stick out that can hook into things on the outside.

D-ring 40cc
40cc-SystemTM stainless D- ring, approved for 2000N. Can be mounted in many different ways. There is room for about 60 D-rings that can be mounted horizontally and vertically.

The lumbar support will distribute the weight evenly around the hips instead of on the shoulders.

SprintReleaseTM dump system
To connect and disconnect weights. All weights are easy to reach no matter how you are positioned in the water.

Equipment and accessories can easily be at- tached and detached from the 60 holes in the harness. The distance between the holes is 40 mm, both horizontally and vertically.

One wing / One harness construction

Sketches: Kenneth Österlin/Designkonsulterna.