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Background At DEMA 2017, we introduced the concept of using Solid State O2 Sensors (SSO2) with the SE7EN rebreather e-module and at DEMA 2018 we showed a sample of one of the first SE7EN e-modules to be updated with this technology. We also made the promise that anyone who purchased a SE7EN rebreather (excluding the SE7EN SPORT) from 1st of January 2017 up until the sales start of SE7EN e-modules with SSO2 capabilities, would get a free update of their SE7EN e-modules, to support the new digital interface to SSO2. We have now gotten to the point where we will start gathering information, in preparation for the update program.

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Practical informationBefore we can start receiving e-modules for update, there are some very important information that you must read and understand, before any e-modules are sent to us. Failure to read, understand and follow this information will lead to longer lead times, meaning that you risk be left without your SE7EN e-module for a longer time than necessary.

We will only be able to update a limited number of e-modules per week, thus you will be allotted a slot, when your e-module will be updated and when you should send us your e-module. More about this further down in this text.

What´s included in the update? The update will enable your SE7EN e-module to work with both analog, galvanic oxygen sensors and the new, digital SSO2-sensors. The actual update consists of replacing parts of the electronics inside the e-module and the bottom half of the e-module. This means that the exterior of your SE7EN e-module will be left pretty much unchanged. Solid State O2 Sensor(s) are NOT included in the update. The owner of the e-module pays for the transportation of the e-module to and from our facility in Gothenburg, Sweden. There will be a special offer for purchase of solid state sensors for delivery with the update.

How do I now if my SE7EN is eligible for the updatee?The short answer is, anyone who purchased their Poseidon SE7EN (excluding SE7EN SPORT edition) after 1st of January 2017. We will request a copy of the receipt showing when you purchased your SE7EN and that the e-module serial number on the receipt match the serial number on your e-module.

The free update program will last run until 2020-12-31. Orders for free updates after that date will NOT be handled.

Who can send in the e-modules for the free update?Every owner of a SE7EN, eligible for the free update, can send in their e-module directly to Poseidon Diving Systems AB, in Gothenburg Sweden. The owners of the e-module pay for all transport cost and any customs fees that might occur.

How long will the update take?The update is estimated to take approximately 10 work days from the date you have received, when your e-module is scheduled to be updated.

How do I get the free update process started?You start the process by filling out the form at: (Click on the red link below)

E-module Update Request Form

This step is important because the address you enter here, is the address we’ll use as the return address when the e-module is updated. When we have gathered enough information regarding how many users wants to updatee their e-modules, we will send out information on how and when you can send us your e-module.


This information will contain the following information:

  • The date (week) when there is a slot reserved for your e-module.
  • The date (week) when we must have your e-module.
  • Which parts of your SE7EN e-module we require.
  • A Pro Forma invoice to be used along with the shipping document.
  • Recommendations on what you should do before sending us your e-module.

The slot allotment will be based on a “first come, first serve” policy.

The SSO2-sensors can only be purchased together with the upgrade and it’s limited to a maximum of two (2) Solid State O2-sensors per SE7EN e-module.


Last but not least, we want to remind you of the following:

  • Failure to follow these instructions will result in your e-module ending up last in the line of e-modules waiting to be updated.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have previously spoken to one of our representatives or Poseidon Sweden around the world, it’s the registration date that will decide when your e-module will be updated.
  • We will NOT be able to put priority on any E-modules, as we have a limited number of updates that we can do per week.
  • Don’t send us your e-module unless you have received an information from us with an allotted update slot.
  • If you have additional questions about this update program, please e-mail your questions to: support@poseidon.com.

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What if my SE7EN e-module isn’t covered by the free update?
The update process for older SE7EN e-modules and SE7EN SPORT e-modules will be handled in a separate process, when all e-modules covered by the free update has been completed. The price for this update and when the update program will start, will be sent out at a later date.

What if I have a MkVI?
MkVI e-modules are not affected by this update. If you own a MkVI e-module and you want to be able to use Solid State O2 Sensors, then your only option is to purchase a new SE7EN E-module. There are no trade-in programs for MkVI units to SE7EN with SSO2 capability.