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Sweden has been a monarchy for over a thousand years. For all this time, craftsmen, merchants and others have been delivering goods and services to the monarch and the Royal Family. Poseidon Diving Systems AB has for many years been a selected supplier to the Royal family and thereby being awarded a royal warrant.


At Poseidon, these are exciting times. Perhaps the most exciting in our 55-year history. For one thing, we’ve just successfully launched the first rebreather for recreational divers. For another, we’re expanding and developing our market presence to make it easier and better for you to buy Poseidon products from knowledgeable, local outlets, wherever you happen to be in the world.

Poseidon has been in the breathing business for a long time. We believe the equipment you take underwater is a life-preserving device. As divers ourselves, we never compromise with quality, and we never stop searching for new ways to improve safety and enhance the diving experience.

We’ve always prided ourselves on being different – looking at things from new angles, and finding new ways to solve old problems, improving but never copying. In 55 years that ambition has taken us from the first single hose regulator, to the servo-assisted Xstream and Jetstream, and now to the extraordinary new Poseidon MKVI – the breathing system that is set to change recreational diving forever.

The Poseidon MKVI is not the first rebreather on the market. But it is the first that’s truly within the reach of recreational divers – and for Poseidon, that’s a dream come true.

We wanted to produce a rebreather that anyone could use. One that was easy to operate, effective, affordable and above all, safe. It meant not only creating cutting-edge technology, but also finding ways to produce that technology cost-effectively.

The Poseidon MKVI is a fully automatic rebreather that gives sports divers the ultimate diving experience. Now everyone can enjoy fantastic diving, and see sea life up close without the distractions of complicated equipment, and without the bubbles that spoilt so many experiences in the past.

At Poseidon, we’re used to creating products that change the diving world. But with Posiedon MKVI we’re not only bringing a new experience to divers, we’re bringing new divers to the experience.

That’s an exciting thing to do, and a great privilege. But for Poseidon it’s just the latest milestone in our search for the ultimate underwater experience.

Why not dive in and join us?


The Poseidon company was founded in 1958 in Gothenburg, Sweden, by Dennis Österlund and Ingvar Elvström. It was the first in the world to produce a single hose regulator, the breathing apparatus used by nearly every recreational diver ever since. The original name – Aqua Sports – was changed as the company began to look at new markets for its products.

Today, Poseidon exports to almost every country in the world, bringing the ultimate in diving gear to demanding recreational divers, rescue divers and the military. Manufacturing and research have taken place at the company’s modern factory and test facility on the outskirts of Gothenburg since the mid-80s.

The last few years have marked the latest chapter of the Poseidon story, with new owners, new investment, and the decision to develop a new generation of diving apparatus – the Poseidon MKVI rebreather.

The history of recreational diving
Diving as we know it began with military divers breathing pure oxygen at limited depths. In the 1940s, Jacques Cousteau changed diving forever by introducing the aqualung and skin-diving, and in 1958 Poseidon instigated further dramatic progress with the launch of its revolutionary new regulator.

In the early 80s, American NASA engineer Dr Bill Stone had the idea of applying the principles used for astronauts' breathing apparatus to measure and control the amount of oxygen in a rebreather at changing depths. In 2005 Poseidon created a project team of Swedish and U.S. engineers, under the leadership of Dr. Stone and Jonas Brandt, with a mandate to develop the rebreather concept for recreational divers.

The world’s first recreational rebreather
The Poseidon MKVI is a rebreathing system designed for recreational divers. Exhaled air is purified of CO2, refreshed with a carefully measured amount of oxygen, and recirculated.

The diver breathes warm gas and since the air is retained in the breathing loop, there are no bubbles, which means that natural experience is reinforced. The Poseidon MKVI is designed, made and tested at Poseidon’s Gothenburg factory. For additional safety and quality control, each one is test-dived before sale.

The Poseidon product range
Poseidon has a record of innovation stretching over more than 55 years. Today’s product range includes world-beating regulators, drysuits, ABC equipment, buoyancy compensators, and a host of add-ons and accessories. But whether it’s developing products, creating software, or supporting training programmes, at the end of the day, Poseidon stands for just three things.

Quality, safety, and performance.

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The dive... the ultimate escape and the ultimate sensation of being. Below the surface - do not disturb and don't be disturbed. All the gadgets and equipment that seemed so cool above will do their job and disappear into your peace of mind. They have done their job on North Sea oil rigs, they have done their job in complex Arctic Search and Rescue missions. They will do the job for you and be quiet about their business - allowing you to be filled with presence.

This achievement has been a long journey. In 1958 Ingvar Elvström founded Poseidon. With a quest to solve a range of diving related problems his innovative solutions securely placed him among the great entrepreneurial pioneers. Elvström's legacy has been continued and Poseidon equipment enjoys a stellar reputation within the diving community. Arguably though, no breakthrough matching the significance of Elvström's early work has been accomplished - that is until the launch of the Poseidon MKVI.

Poseidon's Fully Automatic Rebreather - the Poseidon MKVI - is arguably the greatest breakthrough within the diving community for many decades. It may be the longest and quietest dive you will ever experience - we will not be quiet about its existence. It represents a giant leap in shifting the diving experience towards the sea of tranquillity - allowing us to be an integrated part of the element our ancestors left 440 million years ago.
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We have a unique pool facility. It´s a free diving tank 10 m deep, 3,4 m in diameter with an air bell at the bottom and a stainless steel pool 17x6 m, depth 3 m. These pools are available to rent for diving-, swimming clubs, diving companies and movie productions. Just send us a mail to check for availability at  info(at)

We also host different events with product testing and try outs. Keep an eye on our FaceBook site for more info.