Poseidon Cyklon Vintage Tee

We introducing some vintage prints from the history of Poseidon. This one features Cyklon.

T-shirt Cyklon Zebra S (Art.no.0040-143), M (Art.no.0040-144), L (Art.no.0040-145), XL (Art.no.0040-146)


Poseidon Professional 500 m Dive Watch

The Poseidon Professional 500 m dive watch is back. Available with yellow or black dial. Quartz movement, uni-directional rotating bezel, illuminated markings and date at 3 o'clock, water resistent to 500 m.

Professional 500 m Yellow (art# 0610-001)
Professional 500 m Black (art# 0610-003)


Poseidon ORIGO BCD
The BCD ORIGO! It´s a new, robust BCD for the sports diver. Integrated weightpockets, crouch strap and a robust construction. Perfect also for the dive schools together with our Cyklon regulator.

Dealers find it in the webshop: 0337-463 Small, 0337-464 Medium, 0337-464 Large, 0337-463 XL



For further information, please contact sales@poseidon.com


Poseidon M28 Firmware Release
Version 2.3
Date 2019.04.01
Based on end user feedback and comments we are now releasing the next M28 firmware update, that contain the following changes/additions:

• Planner: Updated planning features..
• Speed improvement - Better integration with SE7EN.
• Improved picture handling.
• Improve SSO2 handling.

To download the release and see the full details of the firmware update,

Here is a how-to video: CLICK HERE!

SE7EN SPORT - The Revolution Relaunched

To take things even further, we are introducing rebreather diving for everyone. The SE7EN Sport is a entry level machine for recreational divers from 48 750:- SEK incl VAT (depending on your location).

There is no more excuse to not start diving rebreather!

It comes with 40m battery, the Rebreather BCD, 3L steel bottles, paddle.The machine is fully upgradeable to a full trimix tec +100m machine. 


Poseidon Regulator Bag

The classic regulator bag is back. Use it for the laptop or for your regulator.



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New Color RED - Origo, ThreeDee and OneShoe

The very popular Origo BCD is now available in red. The red color matches our new red/black ThreeDee mask and the red OneShoe.

Origo Red (art# 0337-43-RD)
ThreeDee Mask Red (art# 8700-BKRD BS)
OneShoe Red (art# 0251-83-RD-BK)


Repackable Scrubber Cartridge

After years with pre packed we are now changing to a Repackable Scrubber Cartridge. The first batch of our CE-marked product is now in production. Make sure you place your order to get in line for one.

There are instructions on packing them on our manuals page and a movie on your YouTube channel. The training agencies have got all information about this change. They are all approved by PADI, SSI, RAID...and more. Please contact your organization for more details.

Here is a how-to video: CLICK HERE!

Repackable Scrubber (art# 6011-069)

Aquadive Poseidon

Tailor-made for globetrotting adventurers, the Aquadive Poseidon adheres to the design codes of Aquadive’s best-selling Bathysphere 100 GMT – a markedly capable dive watch with 1000 meters of water resistance and dual time zone functionality, albeit one in a highly wearable 43mm by 12.5mm thick stainless steel case. Poseidon’s signature yellow livery lightens the 24-hour ring that encircles the perimeter of the dial, complementing the Swedish brand’s heritage logo at 9:00. The watch is fitted with an ISOfrane strap – a soft, yet markedly durable ladder-style rubber strap that sheds water quickly, and can be easily fitted over bare wrist and  wetsuit alike..


Red Line Mask and White Line Mask

The popular Black Line Mask with its low volume and large view field is now available in a striking red and white.

Red Line Mask (art# 0720-140)

White Line Mask (art# 0720-110)


Poseidon SE7EN+
Rebreather safety is no longer a guessing game

Safety, performance, ease of use and desirability are combined to enable divers of all abilities to experience the underwater world without compromise. Whether you want to spend much more time underwater or to get closer to marine life,dive deeper or simply enjoy the bubble-free silence of the underwater world. Poseidon Solid State O2 Sensors and patented oxygen sensor validation ensure that you know your PO2 reading is accurate.

The Poseidon SE7EN+ is the safest and smartest way to dive!


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