Plan your next diving adventure in the simple to use, easy to navigate interactive planner. Diving an open circuit or rebreather? Doesn't matter. The Reef app has different dive modes and deco models available to match your setup and preferences regardless of level.

Choose between single dives or a series of dives and let the app calculate needed technical stops. Easily tune the gradient factors to see the difference in dive time and get a summary of the result as well as a detailed list of run time and gas switches if applicable.


Safe diving made easier. Get the most out of Reef by connecting your Poseidon dive computer and bring your plan to the water. Interact an analyse your dives using the chart functionality. Toggle the data you want to visualize and zoom in on portions of the dive you are interested in.

Our M28 diving computer can be used as a stand-alone computer, a back-up or together with our Solid-state O2 sensor connected to any other rebreather on the market.


Become a better diver with the advanced dive log that helps you analyse your recent experiences under water in detailed data and user-friendly designed graphics.

Visualize data such as depth, water temperature, tank pressure, loop temperature, po2, alarms and more.

Personalize your log with pictures, notes and get your hands on every detail available from standard dive stats to environmental information and device statuses.

Compare data with your instructor, buddy, team or easily share your experiences with your family and social community whether it is online or in real life.

Designed by divers. For divers.

"The mission was to create an easy to use, easy to navigate application to first of all support the Poseidon rebreather divers around the world for a much more convenient way to connect and update their equipment. As a diver I also saw the opportunity to create something bigger. Scanning the dive application market I realized no one had made the perfect combination of a planner, dive log and an analyzing tool. On one hand they were either too technical with just numbers and no visual graphics to support the data and nowhere to put my personal notes or add my favorite dive spots to a map. On the other hand they were too general with no customization available for adding different gas blends etc. I assembled a team from both Poseidon and divers in my community and started to build what I believed is the most sophisticated diving tool. With the feedback from BETA testers around the world we knew the development was made with the interest of the divers in mind. This in dept dive app supports every diver, nothing is left untouched."


- Filip Petersson, developer




1. Download the app
2. Make a dive plan
3. Dive your plan
4. Upload / log your dive*

Details: To qualify you most have created and verified an account. Plans and dive log must be created and uploaded between November 19th and December 14th 23:59 CET. We will randomly select a winner from people completing all four steps. Winner will be contacted on registered e-mail address.

Total value, 18.000 SEK. Winner may have

*Dive logs can be imported or manually added




> Comprehensive overview of all planned dives
> Sort and filterSingle or series of dives
> OC (Open Circuit) and CCR (Closed Circut Rebreather)
> Unlimited numbers of tanks
> DCAP and Buhlmann deco mode
> Bailout scenario
> Gas content configuration

Dive log

> Comprehensive and detailed overview of all your dives
> Sort and filterImport and export functionality
> Personalize dives with custom made details, images, location etc
> Interact with your dives in the chart functionality
> Visualize complex data such as tank pressures, pO2, loop temperature etc*
> Toggle data you want to visualize
> Zoom in on portions of the dive you are interested in

*Only available for with Poseidon M28 dive computer

Device Manager

> Connect your Poseidon M28 dive computer through WiFi
> Information about connected submodules
> Download and backup dives in the cloud
> Service informationTotal dive time
> Firmware information



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