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A fully capable SE7EN+ configuration at an exceptionally affordable price. Simple enough for a beginner to master yet expandable to a technical unit capable of 100+ m.


The Sport Package

Slimmed down and loaded with the essentials, the Sport packs the Poseidon's Green Rec 40 smart battery, repackable scrubber, 11" adapter, the Rebreather BCD, 3L aluminium or steel cylinders, galvanic or Solid State O2 sensors, and everything else needed to get you in the water. The SE7EN+ Sport offers the essentials at an exceptional price, making one of the most affordable rebreathers on the market.

Package contents

What's in the box?

No matter what configuration or package you have, a SE7EN+ will always deliver the safest and most enjoyable diving experience. Let's take a look at what's included in the Sport package.

6012 013 Sport front black (1)

Configured to

40 m

Dive for approximately

3 hours


Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV)

Integrated Bail-out Valve (BOV)

Repackable Scrubber

Rebreather Padel Display

Sensor Validation and Calibration

Expandable to

100+ m

Automatically mixes


6011 005 Battery REC40M ret

Green Rec 40

Capable of dives down to a depth of 40 m, the Green Rec 40 battery is the perfect place to start. The high density Lithium-ion battery pack provides power the rebreather for hours.

0005 055 Mouthpiece G7 (1)

Poseidons Rebreather mouthpiece

Lightweight, comfortable mouthpiece with Poseidon’s patented integrated Bail-out-valve and Automatic Diluent Valve. Change from CC to OC with a simple twist, activating a bail-out regulator with Poseidon Xstream performance.

6010 206 O2Sensor (1)


6011 063 solid state sensor tiny

Oxygen Sensors

Poseidon's industry-leading innovation in oxygen sensor accuracy and reliability is no joke. Pre-dive calibrations and in-dive monitory and testing give unparallelled performance. Choose between standard Molex O2 sensors or join the new era of digital Solid-state O2 sensors.

Padel display

Rebreather Padel Display

An intuitive, clear and easy to use interface between you and your rebreather. The padel display shows all the relevant information at just the right times to keep you safe and exploring.

0337 034 Rebreather BCD Red ret cmyk (1)


6011 066 BMCL (1)


6011 049 standard counter lungs

Counter lungs / BCD

Choose between front-mounted or back-mounted counter lungs, or get the all-in-one Rebreather BCD in one of four colors.

6011 069 RSC (1)

Repackable Scrubber

Repackable scrubber cartridges are now standard on all SE7EN+ rebreathers. Packs about 3 hours worth of Sofnolime.

0142 Aluminum Cylinder 3L metal black


0400 103


Choose between light-weight aluminium or high-capacity steel cylinders.

11-inch adapter

Secure the SE7EN+ to your BCD with the 11-inch adapter.

0000 116 0196 Tank Band Standard

Standard Tank Bands

Sturdy tank bands that fasten the cylinders to the SE7EN+.