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Poseidon Cyklon 5000




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The Cyklon kit

The Cyklon kit, tested and approved, has all you need to get started. It Includes one primary and one Octo 2nd stage Cyklon, a black Cirrus Gauge and a Cyklon 1st stage. The Cyklon kit works perfectly as anything from the dive school's standard equipment to the experienced diver's go-to regulator kit.

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Poseidon Cyklon Metal

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Poseidon Cyklon 5000 Fixed Yoke


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Poseidon Cyklon Octo Metal

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Double Console in Black

Build your own kit

No one knows what you need better than you, and that's why you can pick and choose parts for your own Poseidon Cyklon kit. Click the link to get started.

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Cyklon 5000 - Plastic

Cyklon Metal - The same design as the Cyklon 5000, but with the 2nd stage in metal.




Use either way, left or right

Approved to EN250 cold water standard

High performance, robust workhorse regulator

Unique durable 2nd stage

Downstream 2nd stage valve

The heritage of the Cyklon

It all began in the end of the fifties. I was tired of diving with my heavy-breathed twin-hose regulator. Poseidon Senior. I had an idea of placing the demand valve in an immediate connection to the mouth, instead of behind the neck. My goal was also to place the exhaust valve together with the demand valve and in that way be able to use only one hose. Cyklon junior was born.

    - Ingvar Elfström, founder of Poseidon.

Today, Cyklon Junior lives on as Cyklon 5000. Thanks to its heritage and extremely well ­tested construction and design, the Cyklon is still the first choice of many, including the German Navy.



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Robust, high performing, easy to use and cold water ready. The Cyklon just works.

Black, Yellow, Metal