We have a long and proven track record of delivering our products and solutions to the world’s most demanding professional and military customers. Our products are the preferred choice for special forces, coast guard and search and rescue around the world and they are used in everything from hot conditions to the freezing waters of Antarctica.

We are proud supplier to the US Navy, NASA, US Coastguard, Swedish Armed Forces, German Bundeswehr, HANSEN Protection and some other that we can not tell you anything about!


Mission Suit 3+5mm

Mission Suit 1.5mm

Specialist Pants 5mm

Specialist Jacket + Pants 5mm

Specialist Jacket 5mm

Black Line Wet Socks 2mm

Black Line Glove 5-finger 2mm

Black Line Glove 5-finger 5mm

Black Line Glove 3-finger 5mm

Black Line Weight Belt

Black Line Pair Line with Mesh Bag

Black Line Automatic Life Vest

Black Line Travel Bag

Black Line Hood 3mm

Black Line Hood 5mm

Mission Suit Shorty 1.5mm

Military Grade Performance

Go hard! High style, high quality materials and craftmanship, extra stretch where you need it, reinforcement and customization all combine to give you military grade performance!

The Mission Suit offers stylish protection for warm water divers and swimmers. Jako Geoprene combines with flexi-seams to deliver unmatched comfort! Freedom of movement is enhanced by Jako Super-Stretch Geoprene on the wrists and ankles, making this suit super-easy to don and doff. Patented Octopus Velcro, which becomes stronger in contact with water, provides secure seals and fastenings throughout. Poseidon’s Patch System© enables you to customize your suit for the ultimate in personalization!

- For tropical water protection.

- Jako Geoprene gives you the most comfortable fit.

- Jako Super-Stretch Geoprene on wrists and ankles for easy don and doff.

- Reinforced backside provides extra durability and protection.

- Patented Octopus Velcro provides strong under-water seals.

- Poseidon Patch System© allows you to personalize your suit.

The Black Line model is intended primarily for military use and are only sold to governmental organizations and Distributors outside the EU.

Mission Suit 1.5mm

Mission Suit 3+5mm


Emergency Breathing System

The Poseidon EBS (Emergency Breathing System) is a Category A Escape device Compres‍‍‍sed air system.
The Poseidon EBS is tested against EN250 ColdWater and CAP1034 Emergency Breathing System standard by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The world's most powerful dive computer
The Poseidon M28 Dive Computer has set new standards for dive computer performance.  It boasts maps, graphics, GPS, Dive-By-Wire,™ and a host of features that deliver class-leading functionality that’s incredibly intuitive to use.



• Maps, and feature-rich graphics, a class-leading 2.8” TFT LCD Color Display
• Real-time GPS Surface Positioning
• Highly intuitive user interface with two button control
• Enhanced SE7EN/MKVI functionality with the M28’s Rebreather Management System
• Dive-By-Wire™ Integration with Poseidon Pod Systems, HUD and HP Sensors
• Dual Deco Algorithm (DCAP and Bülhmann ZHL16C with gradient factors)
• Depth rated to 200M/656 ft

New lifetime oxygen sensor gives failsafe diving
Experience failsafe diving with Poseidon’s new oxygen solid state sensor. Poseidon’s new state of the art oxygen solid state sensor is factory-calibrated and absolute, delivering unsurpassed operating life, shelf life and calibration stability. The sensor is similarly shaped to existing galvanic sensors for ease of replacement.

Poseidon’s solution is an oxygen sensor that’s based on unique luminescent dyes, which are excited with red light and show an oxygen-dependent luminescence in the range of near infrared light (NIR). This technology impresses by its high precision, high reliability, low power consumption, low cross sensitivity, and fast response times.



• Absolute oxygen measurement
• Factory calibrated, no need for user calibration
• Fast and accurate
• Low power consumption
• Can be used with the M28 and CPOD system Safety features
• Electronics hermetically sealed from the sensing environment by a transparent window
• Designed for for highest mechanical reliability
• EMC tested - ESD protected interface
• External „DuraClik“ Molex connector designed for highest reliability
• Digital communication interface
• Unique electronic ID numbers for sensor traceability

Now you can use Poseidon’s patented rebreather safety technology on any rebreather.
Add Poseidon’s state-of-the-art, patented rebreather technology to any rebreather using Poseidon’s CAN system introduced 2013. Simply connect the Poseidon M28 computer, the CPOD with O2 sensor along with the HUD and Poseidon’s best in class mouthpiece onto your existing rebreather system and you’ll have Poseidon safety technology monitoring every dive.



• O2 sensor housing
• CAN Bus interface to Poseidon SE7EN, M28, Solid State Sensor or other CAN Bus Poseidon products

‍‍‍‍‍‍Poseidon ‍‍‍Rescue
Swimmer West

The Poseidon Xstream Black, based on the Poseidon Xstream, is the preferred performance regulator of the US Navy, US Coastguard, and German Bundeswehr, brings divers the ultimate in performance in all water conditions and at all depths (certified to 200m/656 ft). It is the regulator of choice for divers who really mean business.



• Trimix and air, Notrox ready
• 95% Helium mix could be used
• 200 m / 656 ft  approval Norwegian Norsok U101 standard
• Approved to cold water standard, EN250
• Approved for use under ice down to -1,6 °C / 29.12 °F without CWD kit
• Unique internal Thermo Dynamic Anti-freeze system (TDA)
• 5 LP and 2 HP-ports
• 2nd stage could be used either from left or right
• Upstream 2nd stage valve
• Low WOB - Servo assisted

Emergency Breathing System

The Poseidon EBS Mark II (Emergency Breathing System) is a Category A Escape device Compressed air system. New improve version.
Smaller tank, smaller second stage, less weight.‍‍‍

The Poseidon EBS is tested against EN250 ColdWater and CAP1034 Emergency Breathing System standard by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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