Almost as important as buying the best dive products is the support you get from
the manufacturer: after sales service, upgrades and updates, and simple things
such as answering questions promptly and discussing improvements.

Dive gear manufacturers don’t always shine at customer service. But Poseidon works
hard to make sure you’re happy with what you’ve bought, and that any questions or
issues are addressed without delay.

In this section you will find manuals and downloads, the answers to common questions,
clever ways to identify spare parts and much, much more.
Don’t forget to send us a note if we’ve missed something.

FIRST THING: Q: There is a problem with my Poseidon gear. What do I do?

A: The first thing you do, is to contact the dealer where you bought the item that’s causing the problem. Explain the problem to them and they will help you out if they can.If the dealer can’t fix the problem, they will in turn contact the local Distributor and if the Distributor can’t fix the problem they will contact Poseidon in Sweden. Keep in mind that you will be required to show proof of purchase and that it has to be a manufacturing- or material error to be covered by our warranty terms. Our warranty terms do not cover items sold used or problems that are related to normal wear & tear or improper handling of the equipment. Having that said, we always fix the problem for the customers. If it´s outside warranty, we have a dialouge about costs and you can get in to the water again.

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