Q: Can I attach weight pocket to my One Wing?

A: Weight Pocket 0355-066, comes with inner pocket and quick release. It can be bolted to the harness via the 40CC system or threaded on any 50mm webbing.

Q: How much weight can I put in the weight pockets of the Origo BCD?

A: The pockets are normal standard size, which allow you to put 3-4kg or 6-8 pounds on each side.

Q: How can I check if my Besea W50 wing was one of the recalled wings?

A: If you open the zipper on the outer wing bladder, and look at the inner bladder, you will find a small tab, that has some numbers stamped in to it.If you wing has the batch number 5445 stamped in to it, then you have a recalled wing.That batch, 5445, is the only batch that has been recalled.

Q: What is the maximum size of the tanks i can use with the Besea?

A: On the inside of the outer wing bladder, there is an inlay, that shows the maximum size tanks that can be used with the W50 and W100 wings.

Q: How do I attach the Besea steel back plate to the harness?

A: The Besea steel plate replaces the plastic plate that comes as standard with the Besea harness.Use the same bolts, nuts and holes to attach the steel plate.


There has been numerous BCDs from Poseidon through the years. Techlift, Biscaya, BeSea, OneWing and now the Origo. We have been putting the same quality thinking into the design and the material choice is always at the top. If you rinse it inside / outside after every dive you will be able to use for many many years. That´s Poseidon thinking.