Poseidon MKVI User Guide 2.4 & 2.6 (2014-02-12)
Make sure you have the latest version of the Poseidon MKVI User Guide by downloading this version. It contains all information about the latest version of the Poseidon MKVI. The English and Swedish versions are the 2.6, which contains the 60M upgrade pack in appendix 2.
Download here :

Poseidon MKVI Software/Firmware v50p01 (2014-02-05)
This is the tool you need when you want to update the Firmware on your MkVI rebreather. It also contains the latest firmware version for your MKVI. After installation there will be two firmwares files, v50p01_all.enc (update the whole system) and v50p01_batt.enc (updates for MKVI owners who have multiple batteries).
Download Release Notes
Download Sofware/Firmware Here

Poseidon WeDive Mobile Dive Planer (2013-06-17)
WeDive is a simple drag and drop iPad/iPhone tool for fundamental dive planning. With the WeDive app you can easily plan your dive time when diving with the rebreather system. You simply use one fingertip to get your diving plan, including how much breathing gas is needed.
WeDive in iTunes
Download User Manual here

Poseidon MKVI Assembly Checklist (2013-06-12)
Use the Poseidon MKVI Assembly Checklist every time you assemble your Poseidon MKVI. The assembly checklist plays a crucial part in your pre-dive preparations and all steps in the checklist needs to be followed to insure your safety during the upcoming dive.
Download here :

Poseidon MKVI Factory Training (2012-09-20)
This is a great new tool to teach the functionality of the Poseidon MKVI rebreather; The Factory Training presentation. When teaching a Poseidon MKVI course we would strongly recommend the instructor to implement this presentation in their theory lessons.
Download here

Quick Reference - Test Codes (2010-09-07)
This is a quick reference list of all error codes in Firmware version 44. Download this A4 document and laminate it, and you will have a practial list that you can pack along with your equipment.
Download here

Technical Bulletin (2010-08-25)
It has been found that some Poseidon MKVI units could have been delivered with screws that has not been tightened with adequate torque. This bulletin should be read by all Poseidon MKVI users.
Download here

Rebreather Sensor Overview (2010-08-19)
This is a document, produced by the manufacturer of the oxygen sensors used in the Poseidon MKVI, that explains the principles and functionallity of the oxygen sensors.
Interesting reading if you want to learn more about oxygen sensors, how they work and how to best care for them.
Download here

Poseidon MKVI FAQ guide
The Poseidon MKVI FAQ guide contains helpful information on how to resolve some of the more common situations that you might run in to with your Poseidon MKVI rebreather.
Download here

Poseidon MKVI Parts List v1. 3
The Poseidon MKVI Parts List displays exploded views and article numbers of parts that can be changed/replaced by the end users themselves. It also contains article numbers on o-ring kits that can be used on the unit.
Download here

Poseidon MKVI PC Configuration Software User Guide
Download here


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